Chess Puzzles for Kids

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Chess Puzzles for Kids

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Es gibt wohl nichts Einfallsloseres, als ein Schach-Puzzlebuch. Dafür gibt's von mir die goldene Gurke ! Chess Puzzles for Kids ist ein Buch, dass man schon gefühlte 1 Millionen Mal gesehen hat. Was kommt als Nächsten ? Chess Puzzles for Dogs ? Chess Puzzles for Wifes ? Chess Puzzles for Chess Puzzles ?

Chess Puzzles for Kids
100 Puzzles to torment your brain cells!
by Murray Chandler


Publisher: Gambit, 2012
Edition: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-906454-40-1
Pages: 128
Language: English

This chess puzzle super-challenge contains 100 fun positions to solve, ranging from encouragingly easy to mind-numbingly hard. There are points to be won for finding the right solution, plus the entertaining format contains valuable tips on how to improve.

Each puzzle has been carefully graded to suit a wide range of chess abilities. Beginners and younger readers will enjoy the basic warm-up exercises, complete with helpful hints. More experienced players can wrestle with some classic puzzles, while at the same time learning about famous players and killer concepts.

A final chapters - Mission Impossible - is guaranteed to torment and inspire the most talented of future champions!

Chess is recognized in many countries as a useful tool for developing creative thinking in children. Chess Puzzles for Kids will quickly enable children to enjoy using their new-found skills to outwit friends and relatives.

Murray Chandler gained the chess grandmaster title by winning events in New York and Amsterdam. During 28 years as a professional player he has taken part in over 150 international tournaments, in 32 different countries.

His previous books for young players - "Chess for Children" (with Helen Milligan), "How to Beat Your Dad at Chess" and "Chess Tactics for Kids" - are widely used in schools and by junior coaches.

James Pratt, British Chess Magazine:
"Teachers, mums and dads, children who are beginners, and beginners who don't want to stay beginners, should stop and browse here. Most of the games are recent and at the back, as if you haven't suffered enough, are thirty test positions... an excellent Christmas present."

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