Chess Magazine - October 2012

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Chess Magazine - October 2012

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Ganz im Zeichen der Schacholympiade steht diese Ausgabe des Chess Magazines. Viele interessante Berichte, tolle Bilder und eindrucksvolle Berichte machen dieses Heft zu einem lesenswerten Vergnügen.

Chess Magazine - October 2012
2012 Olympiad
by The Chess Magazine Editorial Team


Publisher: Chess & Bridge , 2012
Edition: Magazine
ISSN: 0964-6221
Pages: 68
Language: English

Bumper issue - 8 extra pages - all the action from the 2012 Istanbul Olympiad

UK's most popular CHESS Magazine - established 1935! All the regular features of the UK's best-selling CHESS magazine plus more!

• Editorial Malcolm Pein on the latest developments
• Readers Letters BH.Wood and chess-playing families
• The 2012 Istanbul Olympiad GM Daniel Gormally gives his views on England’s performance and analyses the best and worst games from the biannual event
• The Next Generation Joshua Altman and Alex Golding - the future stars of UK chess?
• Love it or Loathe it? James Coleman offers an introductory guide to Isolated Queen Pawn positions
• DISRESPECT Peter Lalic observes how even your highest rated opponents will make catastrophic blunders
• Learning to Love the Endgame Nick Ivell teaches the Vancura position
• Polgar on the Endgame A fascinating extract from Judit’s recent book How I Beat Fischer’s Record - Judit Polgar Teaches Chess
• 25 Years of Solitude Raj Bhopal discusses his return to competitive chess after a quarter of a century.
• Studies Brian Stephenson presents a study by Sergey Didukh, one of the World’s most successful study composers
• Obituary: Svetozar Gligoric Remembering Yugoslavia’s greatest ever player
• How Good is Your Chess? GM Danny King features a little-known gem featuring the late Svetozar Gligoric
• Find The Winning Moves Three pages of tactical teasers from recent tournament games and brilliancies by Svetozar Gligoric
• Chess in the 1980s John Saunders recalls the English GM who might have been: Ian Wells
• If you join them, you can beat them... IM Angus Dunnington looks at the psychology behind playing higher-rated opponents
• Overseas News A round-up of what’s been happening abroad
• Home News A round-up of British chess news
• Books Under The Spotlight Sean Marsh reviews works by Boris Alterman and John?Watson
• New Books In Brief All the latest books, DVDs and software
• Solutions All the answers to the Find The Winning Moves and Positional Exercise features
• Petrosian: Alive in Spirit John Saunders explores Armenia’s extraordinary success in team events

Plus more!

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