Practical Chess Openings

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Practical Chess Openings

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Und noch ein altes Buch vom Ishi-Verlag. Diesmal aus dem Jahr 1948 und diesmal geht es um Eröffnungen. AUA ! Das kann nicht gut gehen. Auf eine seit 70 Jahren nicht verbesserte Variantenempfehlung sollte man sich besser nicht verlassen. Diesmal hat es Ishi-Press echt übertrieben ! :o

Practical Chess Openings
Includes 200 diagrams
by Reuben Fine


Publisher: Ishi Press, 2013
Edition: Paperback medium
First published in : 1948
ISBN: 978-48-71875-34-9
Notation : English
Pages : 476
Language: English

Practical Chess Openings is a basic openings book covering all the major openings, in alphabetical order. At the beginning of each section is a general description of the opening and its history, including the names of famous players who played it.

The opening lines are in Descriptive Notation and are arranged in columns from the most popular to the least popular. Nowadays chess grandmasters do not study opening books.

Instead they work with computer databases with millions of games in them, and then run them through chess analysis programs like Fritz, Houdini and Rybka, searching for new ideas and for flaws in their rival grandmaster's analysis.

Amateur chess players cannot compete against this. We must just play for the enjoyment of the game without any hope of ever making grandmaster status.

Having a book with the latest most up to date lines is of no added value.

A serviceable, shorter and highly readable book like Fine's "Practical Chess Openings" is just as good and perhaps even better than a new book crammed with all the latest stuff.

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