A Cunning Chess Opening Repertoire for White

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A Cunning Chess Opening Repertoire for White

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Für dieses repertoire braucht man als Weißspieler schon gute Nerven. Viele Gambitvarianten werden präsentiert und wenn es eine Sache gibt, die man mit diesem Repertoire auf jeden Fall haben wird, dann ist es Spaß. Auch wenn das Repertoire auf den Zügen d4 und Sf3 basiert, kann ich es auch e4-Spielern empfeheln. Es ist einfach zu erlernen und man hat eine nette Notfallwaffe, falls sich ein Gegner mal zu gut auf einen vorbereitet hat.

A Cunning Chess Opening Repertoire for White
A Flexible Repertoire to take your opponent out of their
by Graham Burgess


Publisher: Gambit, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-906454-63-0
Pages: 192
Language: English

A good opening repertoire need not require an enormous amount of study to be highly effective. A cunning choice of lines and move-orders can steer the game to positions that we like and deny the opponent his preferred strategies.

In this book, highly experienced chess opening writer Graham Burgess presents a repertoire based on 1 d4 and Nf3 with precisely those aims. Black's possibilities for counterplay - and sharp gambit play - are kept to a minimum.

Our aim is to give Black exactly the type of position he doesn't want. If he is seeking blocked positions with pawn-chains, we'll keep the game fluid. If he wants complex strategy, we'll attack him with simple piece-play. Simplifications? No thanks, we'll keep the pieces on and intensify the battle. Gambits? Hardly, as we simply prevent most of them!

The main cornerstones of the repertoire are carefully chosen Queen's Gambit lines, the Torre Attack (vs ...e6), and a variety of fianchetto options against the King's Indian and related set-ups. White's position is kept highly flexible, with many possible transpositions to a wide variety of systems that the reader can use to extend and vary the repertoire. The book features a wealth of new ideas and original analysis.

FIDE Master Graham Burgess is Gambit's Editorial Director, and one of the founders of the company. He holds the world record for marathon blitz chess playing, and lives in Minnesota. This is his 23rd chess book.

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