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The Greatest Ever Chess Endgames

... hav­e­ r­e­c­om­m­e­n­de­d that u­p-an­d-c­om­in­g­ pl­aye­r­s shou­l­d ac­tu­al­l­y be­g­in­ by stu­dyin­g­ the­ e­n­dg­am­e­ fir­st. This is be­c­au­se­ on­l­y by stu­dyin­g­ sim­pl­ifie­d position­s c­an­ on­e­ fu­l­l­y de­v­e­l­op an­ u­n­de­r­stan­din­g­ of how chess pie­c­e­s ...
von Topschach
Di 7. Feb 2012, 12:40
Forum: Schachmarkt
Thema: The Greatest Ever Chess Endgames
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Presseerklärung - ACP Women Cup

... ACP Women Series 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 to be staged at Sheraton Hotel, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, from the 17th to the 22nd of February 2012. This will be one of the strongest tournaments in the history of women chess with three world champions and five Olympic champions participating among ...
von Topschach
Mi 4. Jan 2012, 07:24
Forum: Schach Small Talk
Thema: Presseerklärung - ACP Women Cup
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