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The Greatest Ever Chess Strategies

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von Topschach
Topschach Kommentar:
Eine nette Sammlung von interessanten strategischen Ideen. Die meisten stammen allerdings aus einer Zeit, in welcher man noch selbst Ideen finden musste. Dementsprechend locker und flockig kommen die gezeigten Beispiele beim Leser an. Ein gutes und lehrreiches Buch

The Greatest Ever Chess Strategies
An Essential Guide to Chess Strategy
by Sam Collins


Publisher: Everyman Chess, 2012
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-1-85744-676-0
Pages: 176
Language: English

Do you instinctively know what to do in every type of chess position or are you often uncertain about how to proceed? Wouldn’t it be really useful to know all the best chess strategies, and to recognize when they should be used?

In this book Sam Collins examines key games from both the classical and modern eras. He analyses the major strategic ideas that stood the test of time and notes their considerable influence on his own games.

Studying classic examples from great players allows us to create a personal library of standard ideas. This helps us to recognize key positions, making it easier to determine the most effective ways to attack and defend. Crucially, it helps us find the right plan much more quickly than we would by relying on calculation alone.

• An essential guide to chess strategy
• Covers opening, middlegame and endgame play
• Ideal for players of all levels

International Master Sam Collins is a former Irish Champion and an individual gold medalist at the 2002 Bled Chess Olympiad. He’s an experienced chess teacher, an author of many chess books and a regular columnist for Chess Today.

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