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A Psychobiography Of Bobby Fischer

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von Topschach
Topschach Kommentar:
Bobby Fischer Fans werden klatschen vor Freude. Neben den vielen bekannten Sachen über Bobby Fischer, finden sich in diesem Buch auch einige bisher unveröffentlichte Bilder und Fakten zum Leben des stärksten Schachspielers aller Zeiten. Ein gutes Buch !

A Psychobiography Of Bobby Fischer
Understanding the Genius, Mystery, and Psychological Decline ...
by Joseph G. Ponterotto (Ph.D.)


Publisher: Charles C Thomas, Publisher Ltd., 2012
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-0-398-08742-5
Pages: 224
Language: English

Understanding the Genius, Mystery, and Psychological Decline of a World Chess Champion

Robert (Bobby) James Fischer was one of the world’s most mysterious and exciting personalities of the middle 20th century. He single-handedly ended a 35 year span of Russian domination of elite chess when he defeated Boris Spassky for the World Chess Championship in 1972 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Fischer’s dynamic victory ignited in Americans a passion for the game of chess and a deep pride in being American during the height of the Cold War. The world knows the story of Fischer’s ascent to the pinnacle of chess genius and brilliance, and it knows of his psychological decline into social isolation, paranoia, and likely mental illness.

Now, for the first time, through “A Psychobiography of Bobby Fischer”, we come to understand the inner workings of Fischer’s mind – the genetic, personal, cultural, and political factors that collectively provide a penetrating window into the “why” of Bobby Fischer’s genius and bizarre behavior.

Renowned counseling psychologist and author, Dr. Joseph G. Ponterotto deconstructs almost every aspect of Fischer’s family, personal, and career life to sculpt an integrative psychological profile of this enigmatic world personality.

Though there have been many articles, books, and films on Bobby Fischer, this text represents the first scholarly psychological assessment of the world’s most famous chess champion. The "mysery"of Booby Fischer has now been unveiled.

The book includes 10 content chapters and select Tables, Figures, and Family Genograms, as well as Appendices providing extensive detail on the life of Bobby Fischer and family. Finally, the book includes some original family photos never before published.

Anthony Saidy, M.D., Intl Chess Master:
"The era of the amateur psychologizing about Bobby Fischer is coming to a close (..) Dr Joseph Ponterotto has applied the scientific principles of his discipline to a personality that so long perplexed the world. The controversies will not end, but any further hypotheses will need to take Ponterotto's work as a starting point."

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