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The Art of Defence in Chess

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von Topschach
Topschach Kommentar:
B├╝cher mit Angriffideen gibt es wie Sand am Meer. Gut, dass nun endlich auch mal ein Buch auf dem Markt gekommen ist, welches dem Lernenden sehr gut zeigt, wie man sich verteidigt und ab wann man in welcher Art von Stellung auf den Verteidigungsmodus umschalten sollte. Ein sehr hilfreiches Buch !

The Art of Defence in Chess

Passive Defence, Simplification, Blockade, Stalemate, Traps
by Iakov Damsky, Lev Polugaevsky


Publisher: Ishi Press, 2012
Edition: Paperback medium
First published: 1988
ISBN: 978-4-87187-519-6
Notation: Algebriac
Pages : 274
Language: English

Most players prefer to attack, resulting in defensive technique being the weakest part of their game. There are a number of methods of playing against an attacker, which include passive defense, simplification, blockade, stalemate, or a trap. Alternatively a player can defend actively or launch a counterattack.

These and many other techniques are described in this thoroughly practical book.

Lev Polugaevsky was one of the world's leading grandmasters for nearly three decades. Iakov Damsky was a chess writer and chess commentator for Soviet TV and radio.

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