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The Dark Knight System: A repertoire with 1...Nc6

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von Topschach
Topschach Kommentar:
Ein ultimatives System gegen alle weißen Eröffnungen. Wer wünscht sich das nicht ? Das auf den Springerzug 1...Sc6 basierende sogenannte Dark Knight System will mit den schwarzen Eröffnungsfragen endlich Schluß machen und sich als Eier legende Wollmilchsau präsentieren. Was am Anfang wie ein recht schnell zu erlernendes Repertoire aussieht, entpuppt sich nach und nach als absolut kompliziertes System mit vielen unterschiedlichen Plänen und Ideen. Dieses Dark knight System ist mindestens genauso schwierig zu erlenen, wie ein Repertoire aus verschiedenen Eröffnungen. Schade ! Wäre auch zu schön gewesen.

The Dark Knight System: A repertoire with 1...Nc6
Covers 1 e4, 1 d4, 1 c4 and other moves
by James Schuyler


Publisher: Everyman Chess, 2013
Edition: Paperback small
ISBN: 978-1-85744-995-2
Pages: 272
Language: English

Welcome to the Dark Knight System, a weapon which can be used against virtually every opening White can play!

In the Dark Knight System, Black begins with 1...Nc6 and adopts a dark-square strategy. The Dark Knight System is a potent mix of several other openings, blending portions of the King’s Indian, Pirc, Scotch and Tango, but it contains many independent lines too.

It forces White onto his own devices very early on in the game. When forced to improvise, even strong players are prone to playing weak moves or expending their time and energy in the opening.

In this book, FIDE Master James Schuyler invites you to join him in a study of his favourite Black opening. Drawing on over 25 years’ experience with 1...Nc6, he presents a repertoire for Black, studies the important tactical and strategic ideas, examines key issues such as move orders, and tells you everything you need to know about the Dark Knight System.

• A repertoire for Black with 1...Nc6
• Covers 1 e4, 1 d4, 1 c4 and other moves
• Packed with new ideas and critical analysis

James Schuyler is a FIDE Master. He was Nevada State Champion in 2007 and won the Virginia State Championship in both 2011 and 2012. He has been teaching chess for over 25 years.

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