New In Chess 2013/1

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New In Chess 2013/1

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Bunt, bunter, New in Chess Magazin ! Wieder einmal werden 1A Hochglanzfotos gezeigt, welche die Turnierberichte und die Großmeisteranalysen stimmungsvoll unterstreichen. Was soll ich sagen ? Das New in Chess Magazin ist DAS Schachmagazin mit Niveau !

New In Chess 2013/1
The World's Premier Chess Magazine
by The NIC Editorial team


Publisher: New In Chess, 2013
Edition: Magazine
ISBN : 978-90-5691-408-0
Pages : 98
Language: English


NIC’s Café

Your Move

Carlsen Surpasses Kasparov
With a stratospheric 2994 performance at the London Chess Classic, Magnus Carlsen raised his rating to new heights to break the old record of Garry Kasparov. The new summit of Mount Ever Best is 2861. Carlsen wasn’t the only star to shine in London. Vladimir Kramnik played ‘close to my best possible chess’ and remained in contention for first place till the very last day.

Endgame Magic
Jon Speelman, the author of several acclaimed endgame books, examines Magnus Carlsen’s wizardry in the final phase of the game.

The Lone King
The sponsor of the Anand-Gelfand match, Andrei Filatov, and Israeli GM Ilya Smirin shine their light on the troubled genius of Alexander Alekhine.

A Tale from 1001 Nights
In Tashkent Sergey Karjakin, Alexander Morozevich and Wang Hao each collected 140 points in the second leg of the FIDE GP. In the fairy-tale surroundings of his native city, Rustam Kasimdzhanov played his best super-tournament ever.

Seven Pillars of Wisdom
This time Nigel Short takes you to the United Arab Emirates and happily introduces you to the past and present of chess in the region.

Of Minds and World Cities
Our new contributing editor Anish Giri reports on a two-week tour that took him to the Mind Games in Beijing and the World Cities Team Championship in Al Ain.

Who Leads the Deviation Dance?
Luke McShane assesses the pros and cons of playing sidelines.

The Verdict
Jan Timman announces the winners of the study tournament organized in honour of his 60th birthday last year. And presents their compositions.

Measuring Body and Mind
Hans Ree imagines a future of chess as a biometric carnival.

Just Checking
Which three people would Malcolm Pein invite for dinner?

Did they play your opening?

In this issue games with the following openings were annotated by world class players:

Karjakin-Morozevich, by Karjakin

Wang Hao-Kasimdzhanov, by Kasimdzhanov

Wang Hao-Caruana, by Wang Hao

Giri-Morozevich, by Giri

Akobian-Giri, by Giri
Morozevich-Dominguez, by Morozevich
Fressinet-Giri, by Fressinet

King's Indian
Giri-Ivanchuk, by Giri

English Opening
Anand-Adams, by Adams
Kramnik-Carlsen, by Kramnik
Carlsen-Polgar, by Nepomniachtchi
Aronian-Nakamura, by Nakamura
Short-Salem, by Short

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