Wojo's Weapons, Volume 2

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Wojo's Weapons, Volume 2

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Die Jungs haben es echt drauf, Schach anständig locker und mordern zu präsentieren. In diesem zweiten Band geht es darum, kleine Vorteile anzuhäufen und diese dann zum Gewinn umzumünzen. Das Buch ist wirklich gut !

Wojo's Weapons, Volume 2
Winning with White
by Dean Ippolito, Jonathan Hilton


Publisher: Mongoose Press, 2011
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-1-936277-23-0
Pages: 340
Language: English

IM Dean Ippolito and NM Jonathan Hilton team up again to continue their coverage of the late GM Aleksander Wojtkiewicz’s winning repertoire with the White pieces, designed to grind down weaker players while challenging his peers.

In this second volume, Ippolito and Hilton examine Wojo’s handling of the popular King’s Indian Defense, focusing on the positional Fianchetto Variation.

Over the course of 78 fully annotated complete games, the authors examine Black’s various plans, explain the key ideas, offer original analysis, and show the way for White to minimize counterplay and nurse his natural opening edge through to victory.

Wojtkiewics scored a stunning 80.2% winning percentage with his Fianchetto King's Indian and in this book Ippolito and Hilton make this score accessible to amateur players.

Far more than an opening monograph, Wojo’s Weapons 2 is a seminar in how to cash in on small advantages, which players of all strengths – even those who don’t play queen’s pawn openings – will find instructive.

International Master Dean Ippolito , a 10-time All-America Team member and winner of 13 national championship tournaments, has more than twenty years experience playing Wojtkiewicz's systems. The author of two other books, Dean operates a successful chess teaching company in New Jersey.

National Master Jonathan Hilton is an award-winning freelance journalist. His 2006 Chess Life Online series, "How Wojo Won," was praised for its accessibility to club players. Jonathan has relied on the Polish-American star's repertoire with the White pieces for the better part of a decade.

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