The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal

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The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal

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Mikhail Tal war ja bekannt für sein durchbrechendes taktisches Spiel. Es war das dynamische Ungleichgewicht, welches er am Brett liebte. Das vorliegende Buch biete eine tolle Reise durch die Welt des Mikhail Tal. Ein Taktikfeuerwerk, welches Spaß auf Schach macht und gleichzeitig unglaublich lehrreich ist.

The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal
Learn from the Legend
by Karsten Müller


Publisher: New In Chess, 2012
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-90-5691-400-4
Pages : 304
Language: English

Mikhail Tal was one of the greatest geniuses of chess history. The magician from Riga, as he was known because of his dazzling attacking games, took the chess world by storm and in 1961, at the age of twenty-three, he won the world championship.

Karsten Muller has created an instructional chess tactics guide by explaining the secrets of Tal’s breathtaking combinations. The authors have selected from his games one hundred exercises which will teach amateurs how they can finish a game with a stunning sacrifice.

As a special feature prominent grandmasters like Spassky, Yusupov and Kramnik describe their personal impressions and games with Tal. The result is both an intimate portrait of Mikhail Tal and an instructive guide.

KARL Magazine:
“Exceptional, instructive and entertaining. Definitely a milestone in the various publications about Mikhail Tal.”

Martin Rieger, Europa Rochade:
“I am really thrilled by this book, everything is spot-on.”

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