Starting Chess with Grandmaster Daniel King

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Starting Chess with Grandmaster Daniel King

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Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass es möglich ist, 3 Stunden lang über Themen zu sprechen, welches man innerhalb von 25 Minuten abhandeln kann. Ich konnte dieser DVD nichts abgewinnen. Masse, statt Klasse und didaktisch ein einiziger Horror. Sorry,- aber von Daniel King hab ich schon Besseres gesehen. :?

Starting Chess with Grandmaster Daniel King
by Daniel King


Publisher: ChessBase, 2012
Edition: DVD
Video running time: 3 hours
Language: English

Chess is the ultimate board game. It has been played for over 1500 years and, thanks to the internet, is becoming more and more popular. People from all over the world meet online to enjoy chess – to play, to learn and to spectate major tournaments.

With this DVD you can learn chess from scratch and join the world wide chess community. Daniel King, an experienced Grandmaster, teaches you in easy-to-follow videos all you need to get started: how to set up the board, how the pieces move and how to checkmate.

After the basics, you’ll learn about the best way to begin the game, about the most common tactical motifs, and you’ll see how winning pieces can eventually help you to win a game. At the end of the course you can play through games by some of the world’s greatest chess players and learn from their strategies.

The booklet which accompanies the DVD, gives you a quick reminder of all the rules, and some of the themes on the DVD. In addition it covers the history of the world chess championship – the ultimate prize in chess.

If you want to play straight away, install the software from the DVD. is the world’s largest chess server. You can meet people from every corner of the globe and play a game of chess online whenever you want.

All you need to know to start:
• How the pieces move
• How to checkmate
• Winning tactics
• Modern Chess training:

Modern Chess Training:
• DVD: 3 hours training course with GM Daniel King
• Accompanying booklet
• Fritz 12 interface
• Fritz 11 SE chess engine
• 3 mounths access to

System requirements: Pentium PC with Windows 7, Vista or XP (SP3), DVD-ROM drive, Soundcard.

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